The Team

Harry Urand@uranddesign

Harry Urand is a second-year Graphic Design and Illustration student at Liverpool John Moores University. With a love for found photography and vintage film, Harry finds laughter to be a good (if not subtle) antidote to the crippling stress of the climate crisis. With a monotone voice and dry sense of humour, Harry attempts to find the quiet joy in life and present it to the world through their work.  

Ana Ortuño Floria @papallonaa

Ana Ortuño Floria is a second-year illustration student at Liverpool John Moores University who always carries a sketchbook with her. She enjoys making work about quotidian life. Getting inspired by film, music, her surroundings, and conversations. Her favourite film is Little Miss Sunshine.  

Chris / @c_s_jackson

Chris Jackson is a graphic designer and senior lecturer on the Graphic Design & Illustration course at LJMU. His current research interest is 1.5 Degrees, an ongoing series of investigations, symposia, exhibitions and works. 1.5 Degrees seeks to investigate the role that Graphic Design and Illustration can have in contributing to the Climate Crisis debate and looks at how the course can engage beyond the confines of the Art School.

Kira Whyte /

Kira Whyte is a design student in their final year of studying Graphic Design and Illustration at Liverpool John Moores University. They have an interest in being socially, environmentally, and politically conscious in their work and was drawn to the 1.5 Degrees project because of this passion. They enjoy creating work that is tactile and has a focus on utilising materials to best present the design.
Owen Rutland / @owenowz

Owen Rutland is a graphic design student in their final year at Liverpool John Moores University. He has recently been interested in the different roles that context can play in design in subtly influencing the audience’s perspective, and also enjoys the research aspects of design projects. They took on the 1.5 Degrees project to learn more about current green innovations and to delve more into the environmentally and socially conscious side of graphic design. Their only experience with exhibitions is from their first year of college in 2018, which was a huge achievement for them at the time.  

Puja Varia / @pujav_illustration

Puja Varia is a final-year student currently studying Illustration at Liverpool John Moores. Her work consists mainly of collage and printmaking as she takes a very hands-on approach to her work. She has used this residency to learn about different innovations to help the climate change problems and create visual material responding to them. This will be her very first time her participating in an exhibition and having her work in a public setting!  
Aly / @alytdesign

Alyssia (Aly) Thorburn. Scottish, third-year student at the Liverpool John Moores art and design school. I am enthusiastic about graphic design and enjoy creating publications and editorial pieces, making these documents stand out to me because they are immortalised and will be seen and can be read. Recently created a publication about the Liverpool Water sports centre focusing on the community aspect featuring interviews with the swimmers who attend the centre. I have worked with the bold collective in Glasgow, putting on workshops for different communities in Glasgow to create more involvement in art. Throughout my work, I always aim to have the community aspect as a central focal point, as this builds society up and makes us. 

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